Registration Info:

      • Registration is open to students from all high schools (and students that are homeschooled at a high school level)

      • No experience is necessary to join the team (the point of you being here is to get you experience!)

      • Registration will run from from May 17th, 2023 to October 1st, 2023 (or when team slots fill up – likely before October)

      • Registration costs $500* for all students (scroll down to understand why we charge what we do)

          • Need-Based Scholarships / payment plans are available (we can wave fees if necessary – contact [email protected] for more information)

      • Students will be allowed to participate in as many subteams as they want (We have Marketing, Business, Engineering, and Programming)

      • Our team runs year round, so we will have activities from May of this year till May of next year (when students will be asked to re-register)

      • All students are provided with 2 team shirts and 1 pair of safety glasses – included in registration fee (aka student dues)

    Note: A students registration will not be considered complete and their seat will not be saved until all steps are done.

    Our new registration process:

     Our registration form will guide you through all of the steps from entering basic information to paying. Follow it fully and don’t forget to hit submit. Please note that it does autosave to the email you are logged into google with so you should be able to leave the tab if needed and open it back up. This is the only form you will have to fill out. It will take 20-30 minutes at max to go through the steps.


    Note: The registration form collects basic information, gets you registered on FIRST Inspires as a team member, allows you to submit the team handbook, join the team Discord, and add the team calendar to your calendar. All non-basic information related links can also be found below.


    Here are the links to other sites that are found on the registration form (don’t worry about clicking on these and accessing them if you already did so on the registration form as guided):

    -> Join the team on (and fill out the forms [including the consent and release form])
    -> Join the team Discord (students must join, at least one parent/guardian should join [per family/group]):
    -> Add the team calendar to yours:
    -> Team Handbook (filled out handbook page is to be submitted on the registration form itself): [We reccomend saving the handbook link for future reference]
    -> Want to pay via PayPal ($15 transaction fee applies so you will need to pay $515) ?
    -> Want to mail a check ($500 only)? Address it to 5190 Roboboosters, Inc. and send the check to PO Box 5371, Cary, NC 27512-5371

    Note: Student dues do not count as donations. A donation receipt will therefore not be given.

    Thats it! You will be introduced to the team in the server and will be guided on how to get involved. Congratulations on joining FRC 5190!

    *Why do we charge as much as we do?
    Compared to other clubs that charge over 1k+ per student but don’t provide even the slightest bit as much technical or skill based experience, our team has an enormous amount to offer to everyone. We try our best to reduce expenses as much as possible while providing a quality learning environment. We pay several thousands of dollars each month for rent and utilities at our build space, robot parts, motors, equipment, etc. all of which cost us an immense amount every year.

    Note: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Everything on our team is volunteer run.


    Please contact [email protected] with any questions

    2023-2024 Season Student Registration Is Now Open!