Our Mission

Green Hope Robotics Team 5190 strives to enrich the lives of students and mentors through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education and the FIRST organization. Our team structure engages and augments the learning provided by schools. We make every effort to set forth a lifelong passion for becoming a global leader in a respective field of our world economy.

Our Student Board

Annika Bhardwaj

Vice President of Business & Operations
Nidhi Vellanki

Vice President of Marketing
Ansea Dalmet

Strategy Director
Asmita Malakar [Elections Occurring Currently]

Vice President of Engineering
Om Patel

Vice President of Programming
Ayush Sagar

Our Team Coaches

Head Coach
Irena Klayko

Assistant Head Coach

Our Mentors

Wyatt Urmey
Engineering & Marketing

David Henderson

Pramod Kolar

O’lena Urmey
Business & Team Operations

Ryan Shah
Marketing & Business

Anand Sagar
Programming & Marketing 

Sreejith Pillai

Our Parent Volunteers

Swati Bhardwaj
Lunch Coordination

Suparna Kolar
Carpool & Hotel Coordination

We extend an enormous thank you to all of our mentors and parent volunteers! Without your consistent support and dedication, it would be impossible for us to be as impactful as we are! Thank you!

2023-2024 Season Student Registration Is Now Open!